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8/16 Hour Timer Guide and WHY use it.

by LightsGo Fairy Lights on November 19, 2020

Events at your house can cost you a lot of money, right? But of course, a special day with your family, and someone special can make some unforgettable moments that you want to cherish. We always want what is best for our family and friends. With this being said, we always tend to create a special place or do something different to impress them or just to make them happy. Sometimes it is very difficult to think of what to do and how you will be able to achieve that superb set up for them. We always need to think of our plan, budget and time. This can be very stressful and time consuming. And so, we just need to be wiser and clever in our plan and in our venue or location. Decorations like having an extra Lighting at an event are very necessary and need to be noticeable and impressive. 

Do you believe that first impression lasts? Well if you do agree, you must read this. A good decoration can enhance the view of an event and the guests will always remember how beautiful it was. Remember that during events, it is important to have a pleasant and splendid venue. These factors give our guests or audiences a feeling of happiness. Why? It lightens up their heart to see a very comfortable and cozy place.  This means they feel more welcomed and relaxed. How does lighting help? It brightens up the place keeping it cool and fresh. It provides a good attraction that everyone will notice. You don’t want a place that is very dim and dull, right? If you have unique lighting this will impress everyone and you will feel the contentment of making your guests smile.

But nowadays, expensive decorations can destroy your budget and gives you a lot of stress. You do not want to use all of your time just thinking about to stretch your budget just to have a nice and beautiful set up. So, you need to be smarter and wiser, in getting ideas or ways on how to do it at no additional cost. Definitely the best strategy is to conserve or save power on your electricity on every appliance. One of the best examples to save energy is the Timer. How does this Timer works? This friendly device can control the appliance usage through input signal where you do not need to manually turn your lighting on and off. With this timer, it helps you lower down your power consumption when you are not using the appliances that are connected to your timer. This is very efficient to use without worrying unnecessary power usage.  Do you agree that we sometimes fail to turn off the lights on time the next day, because we woke up late or we were busy getting ready for work or getting ready on our daily routine? Why settle for this everyday if there is a new way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our lightings. Life can be much more fun and easier with this timer.

An Example of this timer is the 8/16-hour timer, this timer sequence is good for appliances that you need only for a certain time of the day. The best example right now especially this holidays season is the Christmas Lights. Christmas tree lights should not be left on for prolonged periods of time or overnight. Even LED lights can overheat, and with a combination of a dry Christmas tree, could cause a fire. Making it a habit to turn off your Christmas lights every time you leave the house or go to bed at night is quite tiring. With this timer, you can set up and activate your Christmas lights at night and you do not need to wake up early in the morning just to turn it off. It will automatically open for 8 hours and turns off afterwards. On the next day, you do not need to set it up again because it is already programmed to repeat the sequence every day. It is very easy and very beneficial on your part. It is user friendly and lets you sleep peacefully while leaving the Lights on. Who would not want and love this timer, right?

This timer is proven to be cost effective and hassle free. Think the number of watts that you will be saving everyday plus it does not disturb your sleep at night. You can relax without worrying who will turn off the lights the following morning. 

Imagine if you are in the office and rushing to go home on a Friday night and you will have to stop and switch off all Christmas Lights on your way because you don’t have the timer.  Oh, that would really kill the excitement.

Let us start this season with harmonious and glorious lighting decorations. Good luck with your artistic way of fixing your household with these wonderful lights.

Let’s take a look and read the instructions below and start setting up your lightings with a timer now.


How to use the 8/16 timer?

  1.     This is very convenient and is user friendly.
  2.     You only need to plug the 8/16 timer into one of your in your house or workplace.
  3.     Press the button twice until it turns to green.
  4.     Once it is switched on, the timer will start and STAY ON for 8 hours and STAY OFF for 16 hours.
  5.     This sequence will repeat automatically the next day.
  6.     You do not need to manually turn it on or off the lights every day.

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 What are you waiting for? 

Get your Christmas light with a timer now and let the glow begin in every household.

Enjoy the holiday season with festive lights in your house or office. Let us start this season with harmonious and glorious lighting decorations.

Get yours now and enjoy the festive holiday mood!