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Fairy Lights Buying Guide

by LightsGo Fairy Lights on April 02, 2020

What are Fairy Lights?

Fairy Lights (also known as Christmas lights) are a form of decoration replicating candles on Christmas trees in 18th century Germany but in a safer form of non-flammable bulbs. This initial tree decor evolved into outdoor street decorations where long strings of these electric lights were displayed above streets and draped on buildings. Eventually these lights spread and have been seen as interior and exterior decoration of the house where western houses can be covered in lights and eastern Asian streets are luminescent. As they have developed, they have become staple decorations on large events but have also become house-held items being used as a common decoration or just for mood lighting. Either way they are now a necessity during such events as Christmas, Weddings and Parties as well as a great addition to your establishments/houses decorations.

Why you should get Fairy Lights?

Fairy Lights are one of the most beautiful forms of decoration out there with the availability of creative influence. They were for the rich back in the 1900s but at this very moment they are unbelievably affordable. At prices of just £2.99 you can hardly say no to these spectacular forms of light. It is amazing how the creativity of the Germans placing candles on trees led to the inginuity of Sir John Swan who (is said to have) invented the first incandescent light and the way it evolved to form wires of lights. Here at LightsGo we have taken the inspired design of the fairy lights and make it our sole mission to disstribute it at affordable prices so we can spread the beautiful design that is Fairy Lights.

The Pro's and Con's of each Power Supply

Battery Lights (Pro):

  1. Batteries are easy to get a hold of
  2. They are cheap
  3. They can be placed in any obscure position provided it not be wet
  4. They are durable i.e can handle (dry) damage well
  5. They are efficient i.e last quite a long time

Battery Lights (Con):

  1. They don't last forever, even though they do last quite a while, it is not forever.
  2. There weakness is water...

USB Lights (Pro):

  1. They work as long as the power source does not run out
  2. Handy if you want to decorate the TV or a PC since a socket space and batteries are not wasted.
  3. Easy to set up, just plug it in...
  4. USB ports are everywhere nowadays e.g Computers, Laptops, TVs, Printers, pretty much any electronic
  5. They are versatile, you could plug it into a portable battery to use as a battery light or a plug with a USB port to plug it into the mains.

USB Lights (Con):

  1. There weakness is also water...
  2. The metal head can be damaged

Mains Lights (Pro):

  1. They are a constant source of power
  2. Sockets are everywhere in a house and even outdoors
  3. They are the most powerful of each power supply
  4. Long cables allow the lights to be used as outdoor lights
  5. They are durable and can take a lot of damage

Mains Lights (Con):

  1. They are limited to where sockets are i.e. They are not portable
  2. They use up a precious socket space

Solar Lights (Pro):

  1. Renewable Source of Energy and have no need for batteries or sockets
  2. They automatically turn on and off
  3. They are portable and versatile, you can place them anywhere
  4. The panel and lights are durable AND waterproof
  5. They are efficient storing energy in the day and shining bright at night.

Solar Lights (Con):

  1. The power stored in these lights depends on the weather as on a cloudy day, there will have less activity
  2. The solar panel needs to be in an area where it can be exposed to the sun

Which lights should I buy?

For each situation the choice in lighting is important, for example for an outdoor party, mains lights would be recommended as they are waterproof and a more reliable source of energy. So we have got some suggestions for different events.
Wedding Lights: For table decorations look at our range of battery fairy lights. Each lights lasts for more than 20 hours so you don't have to be afraid as the lights shine and make the wedding hall look beautiful. With the addition of stars or hearts, decorate each wedding table to make it glimmer. For the walls and ceiling hang-downs, you can look at our indoor fairy lights that can be plugged into the mains.
Christmas Lights: We have a whole section for those lights, either way take a look at the warm white fairy lights or star shaped, snowball shaped, snowflake shaped and so on. All kinds of lights suit Christmas! You can decorate your Christmas tree with any of our fairy lights but make sure if you want to decorate you house, you choose from the outdoor range that plug into the mains.
Outdoor Party Lights: We have a whole category of outdoor lights so you can start of there. Now your choice of lights depends on what kind of party its going to be. For a more crazy energy driven party, look at our range of outdoor fairy lights with berry balls. For a more relaxed chill barbecue, look at our warm white fairy lights with any or no additions to it. 
Indoor Party Lights: Once again, your choice of lights and colour depends on what kind of party you are looking to throw. If you are planning to throw a parents are away lets partayyy kind of party then take a look at our colourful rattan balls, berry balls and you can never go wrong with the original fairy lights. Colour is key, we recommend multi-coloured, pink, red or blue. Now if you are looking to throw a lets get together party, then simple fairy lights or star lights would suffice. You could also decorate your house with metallic lights, take a look at our Moroccan range.
Decorating an establishment: This depends on what kind of establishment you are running, look at our colourful fairy lights if you want to decorate your bar or restaurant, we have heard that our pink fairy lights fit a bar really well! Take a look at our wide range of lights and see what fits your needs.
Decorating your home: Well if you're taking a look through our website, you must have some idea already as to what you want and we hope you find what you are looking for here. However if we were to make a suggestion - one of our favourite is the Metallic range as it brings an elegance and beauty to any home that not every light can do.

What LightsGo can offer you

Here at LightsGo we offer a variety of all kinds of lights:
Metallic Lights
Outdoor Fairy Lights
Christmas Themed Lights
Solar Panel Lights
Indoor Fairy Lights
USB Powered Lights
Battery Powered Lights
Colour Changing Bulbs
and many more...

If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us and give us suggestions in the Contact Information section (Contact [In the top bar]  > How To Find Us)